Women’s Health: Menopause
March 2023


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Learn how to navigate and thrive through the Menopause and Beyond! And learn the key dietary and lifestyle changes during the Peri-Menopause and Menopause years and how not just to survive but thrive!

Angela Loftus will discuss the hormonal changes that occur during Peri-menopause, how we can best manage those changes and prepare for a “better” Menopause.

Angela will present key dietary and lifestyle modifications so that you can prepare for and manage your symptoms throughout this period by making informed choices.

The presentation will be followed by a Question and Answer Session.

Supplement recommendations, recipes and references to further resources will be also be provided.

This course accommodates 12 people.

Find out more about Angela Loftus and the other workshop leaders.


1 review for Women’s Health: Menopause
March 2023

  1. Just came home from attending this workshop and have to say how much I enjoyed it. Angela was informative and knowledgeable and I have a better understanding of how I can help myself through nutrition to navigate the twists and turns of perimenopause and menopause.

    Thanks also to Charlotte for being the perfect host as always.

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