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Interior Design Basics
Thursday 22nd March 2018


Whether the place where you live is a mansion or a studio flat it is your ‘castle’, your anchor and your life under one roof. But does it currently feel like a place of welcome and comfort or more a functional collection of furniture?!

This short course, run by Charlotte Reynolds, aims to give a fun and informal introduction to Interior Decoration. Learn the principles of making the most of the space you have.

  • Planning a room – purpose & practicalities
  • Inspirational effects of colour and light
  • The decorative scheme, style and mood
  • Accessorizing
  • Colour psychology
  • There will be a practical workshop putting together a sample/colour board for a fictional client.

    Bring a photograph (if you would like!) of a room or area of your house that you feel doesn’t ‘work’, for discussion during the morning.

    Refreshments, goody bags and all materials will be provided.

    This course accommodates 5 people.

    Find out more about Charlotte Reynolds and the other workshop leaders.



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Thursday 22nd March 2018


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