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Courses & Events

Courses & Events

We offer a variety of different courses and events, if you have any questions or requirements please contact us.

  • Rhubarb-for-web

    Seasonal Spring Sowing Workshop
    Wednesday 1 April


    Parkers Patch founder Julia Parker, will talk about the principles of growing your own and what to focus on this spring.

    Growing your own fruit and vegetables is not just for those with an allotment or a fervent interest in gardening. It’s a great option for anyone who wants fresh produce and herbs at the ready.

    When it comes to knowing where you food comes from, what’s better than grown by you be it in the garden or on a window ledge.

    Julia will talk you through what to sow and plant this spring and how to maintain a healthy crop ready for harvesting throughout the summer and beyond.

    Goody bags, information sheets, light refreshments and snacks included.

    This course accommodates 10 people.

    Find out more about Julia Parker and the other workshop leaders.

  • Lampshade-3-for-web

    Lampshade Making Workshop
    Friday 24 April 2020


    Using your own fabric come and create your very own, bespoke, lined drum lampshade, for ceiling or table lamp, to complement your home decor.

    Katrina de Toney, of Lampshade Parade will, provide all tools and equipment needed to make your very own 30cm drum lampshade to take home with you. All you need need to bring is half a metre of light or medium weight cotton fabric (100cm wide).

    All the tips and skills that you acquire on the day will enable you to confidently recreate the steps at home to make more lampshades as and when you need.

    This course accommodates 8 people.

    Find out more about Katrina de Toney and the other workshop leaders.

  • Dinner-party-for-web

    Dinner Party Dazzler
    Friday 5 June 2020


    Join Caroline from Coco & Roses for a few hours of exploring & tasting fresh, seasonal, exciting and simple recipes for summer entertaining.

    Caroline will share ideas and recipes for canapes, starters, sharing platters and puddings. Following the demo, you will enjoy a 2 course lunch with Caroline, tasting all the dishes and sharing ideas and tips.

    Full recipe notes are included as well as welcome coffee & homemade cake and a goody bag.

    This course accommodates 8 people.

    Find out more about Caroline Wrench and the other workshop leaders.

  • Smartphone Photography
    Wednesday 8 July
    10am-12.30pm & 2-4.30pm

    Full details to follow

  • Past Event – Essential Nutrition for Over 40’s

    In this 2 hour (empowering) workshop, discover which foods and their properties can help to support women’s health during mid life.

    Learn how the right nutrition can help to support hormone balance, energy, sleep and mood, and how to use this knowledge to cook and eat well every day.

    Sue is a fully qualified nutritional therapist and her aim is to help you to make sense of the confusing world of nutrition. She will share her top tips and practical advice to help you look and feel great after 40 (please note – this is not a cookery workshop).

    This course accommodates 10 people.

    Find out more about Sue Vaughan and the other workshop leaders.



  • Past Event – Smart Phone Photography

    5.00 out of 5

    In this workshop you will discover how to take fabulous photos with your smartphone.

    We all walk round with a camera in our pocket these days and imagery is everywhere, so join us to discover how to stand out from the crowd and get the best from your phone.

    The workshop will include taking photos, how to enhance them, lighting and composition as well as external apps and discussion about what you do with your photos afterwards.

    This workshop would be perfect for business owners and those bloggers who use Instagram and Pinterest etc to promote their business as well as the casual photographer.

    Jenny Kaye is a professional photographer and will share her hints and tips for creating stunning imagery.

    This course accommodates 8 people.

    Find out more about Jenny Kaye and the other workshop leaders.

  • Past Event – Learn to make a Hand Tied Bouquet

    Have you ever wondered how to create a gorgeous arrangement from the everyday supermarket flowers that you pick up with your bread and milk? Or perhaps you have an abundance of lovingly home grown flowers picked from your garden, but are at a loss as to how best to display them?

    Gill Booker is an award winning, City and Guilds trained florist who will demonstrate how you can transform the cellophane wrapped bunch of nondescript flowers that are your weekly supermarket purchase into a truly stunning hand tied arrangement, ready to be displayed in your own vase.

    Spend the morning with Gill as she demonstrates two different approaches to hand tied arrangements. All flowers and foliage will be provided along with coffee and homemade cake on arrival and a goody bag to take home along with your two finished bouquets.

    This would make the perfect Mothers Day present, book your Mum onto the course or come along together to make her the best personalised bouquet as her gift for Mothering Sunday.

    This course accommodates 8 people.

    Find out more about Gill Booker and the other workshop leaders.

  • Past Event – Instagram for Business

    5.00 out of 5

    Kat Shayler from SharpFox Social, is running an Instagram for Business Workshop. The course will include:

    • How To Create A Standout Instagram Account (Including Creating a Stellar Biography)
    • What and When To Post
    • How To Find Your Potential Customers On Instagram and How To Talk To Them
    • How and When To Post To Maximise Engagement
    • Instagram Stories – Practical Session
    • Question and Answer Session

    Also, please have an Instagram account installed on your mobile and bring it with you!

    This course accommodates 20 people.

    Find out more about Kat Shayler and the other workshop leaders.

  • Past Event – Christmas Wreath Making

    After many successful workshops at Studio Portobello, Gill Booker is returning to run a Christmas Wreath Workshop on Wednesday 12th December 2017.

    Gill is a Constance Spry trained florist and City and Guild’s Gold Medal of Excellence Winner, who has taught at Missenden Abbey and runs her own Bespoke Floristry business.

    Tickets include all materials required for the workshop, refreshments and goody bag!

    This course accommodates 8 people.

    Find out more about Gill Booker and the other workshop leaders.

  • Past Event – Interior Design Basics

    5.00 out of 5

    Whether the place where you live is a mansion or a studio flat it is your ‘castle’, your anchor and your life under one roof. But does it currently feel like a place of welcome and comfort or more a functional collection of furniture?!

    This short course, run by Charlotte Reynolds, aims to give a fun and informal introduction to Interior Decoration. Learn the principles of making the most of the space you have.

    • Planning a room – purpose & practicalities
    • Inspirational effects of colour and light
    • The decorative scheme, style and mood
    • Accessorizing
    • Colour psychology
    • There will be a practical workshop putting together a sample/colour board for a fictional client.

      Bring a photograph (if you would like!) of a room or area of your house that you feel doesn’t ‘work’, for discussion during the morning.

      Refreshments, goody bags and all materials will be provided.

      This course accommodates 5 people.

      Find out more about Charlotte Reynolds and the other workshop leaders.

  • Past Event – Autumn Seasonal Sowing

    Autumn Seasonal Sowing Workshop with Julia Parker of Parker’s-Patch Sussex held on Tuesday 7th November 2017.

    Packed with ideas of what to sow in the late autumn Julia will talk you through the different varieties of seeds to be sown and fruit to be planted during November. You will be amazed at how much can actually be sown and planted outside in the vegetable garden and will happily remain during the winter, ready to emerge in the spring.

    With a little organisation and information you will be able to fill your patch with a variety of fruit and veg for all seasons. Julia can also advise on soil identification, preparation, compost and space saving ideas in your garden.

    This workshop lasts for 2 hours followed by discussions over a seasonal soup lunch, information sheets provided.

    12 places available with a minimum of 6 people required. £60 per person to include lunch and a goody bag.

  • Past Event – Personal Branding with Niki Hall

    Niki Hall, The Style Hall is an Image Consultant offering a personal flexible service to both women and men to create effortless style, build confidence and help them feel great about how they look. Niki offers practical, friendly and affordable advice ensuring that The Style Hall is a one-stop-place for anyone who wants to look their best, improve their personal or professional image and feel more confident in themselves. Niki loves clothes and what they can do to a person. She believes everybody has the right to look their best and the right clothes in the right colours really do that. Whether you need an updated professional image, help with your personal style or an updated wardrobe, Niki can teach you how to look your best for any occasion and create the right first impression.

    Come along to Niki’s Personal Branding workshop on 9th November and learn how to use colour to project your chosen image. Are you just setting up a new business, thinking of going back into the workplace after a career break or simply feeling bit lost as to what to wear and could do with a boost? This workshop will help you to understand the psychology of colour and what wearing certain colours will do for you and what messages they will give people. We will also talk about style and give you some tips based on your body shape. A fun and interactive workshop that will help you make the most of your wardrobe, giving you confidence from the outside in.

    A full colour analysis (to be taken at a later date) can be booked at the discounted fee of £110, if booked on the day.

    This course accommodates 10 people.

  • Past Event – Floral Workshop

    5.00 out of 5

    Floral Workshop on Tuesday 9th May and will be run by Gill Booker a Constance Spry trained florist and City and Guild’s Gold Medal of Excellence Winner, who has taught at Missenden Abbey and runs her own Bespoke Floristry business.

    The course will start at 10am and run until 1pm. Starting with coffee and cake, you will make a table centre piece which you can take home at the end of the morning. All participants will also receive a goody bag and there will be a chance to browse the Studio Shop at the end of the morning.

    All materials, containers, flowers and greenery will be included in the price along with refreshments throughout the morning. Booking and payment, by bank transfer, must be made ahead of the date.

    The studio is based in the heart of the Chilterns, with fabulous views across the Pednor Valley. It is a light and airy venue with easy step free access and plenty of parking.

    This course accommodates 10 people.

  • Past Event – Lampshade Making

    5.00 out of 5

    Lampshade Making with Katrina de Toney of Lampshade Parade on Thursday 25th May. During this 3-½ hour course you will learn how to make your very own 30cm drum lampshade to take home with you. All the tips and skills that you acquire on the day will enable you to confidently recreate the steps at home to make more lampshades as and when you wish.

    Katrina will provide all tools, equipment and materials required to make your drum lampshade.

    The course is suitable for complete beginners as all steps will be carefully explained and demonstrated, along with all the short cuts, finer techniques and advice that will take your lampshade from amateur to professional!

    This course accommodates 10 people.

    £58 per person.

  • Past Event – How to Take a Better Photograph

    5.00 out of 5

    Do you love photography but find that you don’t always get the results you were hoping for? Perhaps you have a new camera but never manage to take it off Auto setting? If that sounds familiar then this course could be for you!

    Taught by professional photographer Jenny Kaye, you will discover how to get the most from your camera and achieve great results. Learning about light, camera controls and composition will provide you with the tools to take great eye catching photos, whether your preference is family, landscape, product or other photography.

    This workshop will be a mixture of theory and practical and you will need to bring either a Digital SLR or Bridge camera. (If you do not have a camera but are thinking of buying one we may be able to lend you one)

    This course accommodates 10 people.

    £58 per person

  • Past Event – Fabulous Foods for Women’s Health, 40 & Beyond

    5.00 out of 5

    What you eat can have a profound effect on your health as you grow older. This workshop, hosted by Nutritional Therapist Sue Vaughan, will look at how making the right food choices can help to increase your energy, reduce mood swings, get rid of cravings, improve your memory, reduce anxiety, and even help you to lose weight without dieting.

    You will discover which foods can balance your hormones naturally as you get older, to help with PMS, peri-menopause, menopause and other female health issues, helping you to achieve optimum health at every stage of your life.

    With practical tips, recipes and recommendations for what to add to your weekly shopping list, find out how nutrition can help slow down the ageing process and give you natural health and beauty from the inside out!

    This course accommodates 10 people.


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