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Past Event – Personal Branding with Niki Hall


Niki Hall, The Style Hall is an Image Consultant offering a personal flexible service to both women and men to create effortless style, build confidence and help them feel great about how they look. Niki offers practical, friendly and affordable advice ensuring that The Style Hall is a one-stop-place for anyone who wants to look their best, improve their personal or professional image and feel more confident in themselves. Niki loves clothes and what they can do to a person. She believes everybody has the right to look their best and the right clothes in the right colours really do that. Whether you need an updated professional image, help with your personal style or an updated wardrobe, Niki can teach you how to look your best for any occasion and create the right first impression.

Come along to Niki’s Personal Branding workshop on 9th November and learn how to use colour to project your chosen image. Are you just setting up a new business, thinking of going back into the workplace after a career break or simply feeling bit lost as to what to wear and could do with a boost? This workshop will help you to understand the psychology of colour and what wearing certain colours will do for you and what messages they will give people. We will also talk about style and give you some tips based on your body shape. A fun and interactive workshop that will help you make the most of your wardrobe, giving you confidence from the outside in.

A full colour analysis (to be taken at a later date) can be booked at the discounted fee of £110, if booked on the day.

This course accommodates 10 people.


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